What’s different about your donuts?

The simple answer is that we do everything the long, laborious way to make sure that your donut is as delicious and as fresh as possible. Our dough recipe took 90 tries and special training in artisan dough to perfect. The donuts we serve to you have always been made within the last few hours and everything (the dough, the jam, the glaze, the drizzle, the marshmallow, etc.) has been made completely from scratch. That’s why we start work at 3:00am.

How does your menu work?

We always have several donuts on our menu that are changing up regularly. Plus, we typically offer a "special of the week" donut to highlight a specific flavour! The donuts rotate every few weeks to ensure you are always being treated to some great new choices.

Why do you sell out some days?

Every bakery with fresh product intends to sell out by the end of the day. Otherwise, it has to be thrown out or gifted. On one hand, we don’t want to disappoint our customers and, on the other, we don’t want waste. Avoiding both of those things results in a hard balance. At 3am when our bakers start making the dough, they make an estimate of how many we will sell that day. Usually, we get it right. But sometimes, we’re just unpredictably busy or a certain flavour is extremely popular and we end up selling out before close. We always post on our Instagram just before selling out so that we save you a drive! If you want to check on stock before coming please call the shop at 204-615-4320

If you can tell you’re going to sell out, can’t you just make more?

No. We make a few batches throughout the day, so flavours that run out will be replenished. But, because our donuts take so much time to make, we can’t just whip up another batch to carry us through to the end of the day if things are getting low. We are making more donuts each day to ensure we don't run out but if you use our pre-order ahead of time, your order will be guaranteed to be ready for you.

Do you offer vegan or gluten-friendly donuts?

We try have at least one vegan option on every menu! However, gluten-friendly is not possible for us right now. Maybe one day! We’d rather do a few things really, really well than take on too much and compromise quality. It is a hope to always have more options for our customers.

Do you have nut-free options?

We have some donuts without nuts in the dough or toppings, but, because of our small kitchen, we can’t make any guarantees! If you let us know about your allergy, we will be very careful when packaging it. It’s up to your own discretion and the severity of the allergy.

Can I do a large order?

Yes, we even have special discounts and options for larger orders! Get in touch with us here about your order and we will help make sure your order is perfect for you! We have a Catering page or send us an email at hello@bronuts.ca

Can you deliver?

We do! You can get your donuts delivered with the help of our friends at DoorDash and UberEats and now Skip The Dishes.

What is your shop phone number?