Hello, we’re your friendly neighbourhood donut and coffee shop in the Exchange! We serve handmade donuts that are made fresh each morning with our signature dough and house-made toppings and fillings along with quality drinks.

Brett and Dylan Zahari are the creators + owners of Bronuts Donuts. Both of them were born and raised in Winnipeg, love their community, and wanted to find a way to add something special to the everyday routine. So, Bronuts was born.

The reason for the name: Brett and Dylan are brothers (bro) making donuts (nuts). They’ve been going on adventures together since they were kids. They’ve since ditched their superhero costumes, but are having just as much fun running the bakery.

Monday – Thursday: 7am – 2pm
Friday: 7am – 4pm
Saturday: 9am – 4pm
Sunday: 9am – 2pm


It’s quite the family-affair over here. On top of being family-run, the staff here feel like a family. Each person has an important role in making this place what it is. Despite the fact that we start at 2am and work long hours together, we usually spend our evenings and weekends together, too.




I'm a professional mess-maker and baking is my vehicle.




I’m known for chatting a lot, sleeping a little, and my in-depth knowledge of HP + LOTR trivia.



Director of Operations + Branding

oh, wow



Kitchen Manager

Who doesn't love starting their day at 2:00a?!




I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.


We’re very proud of our recipes.
Around 90 tries in our kitchen,
a trip to San Francisco for specialized
artisan dough courses, and lots of
taste testing are what it took to create
our signature dough recipe.

We’re up at 2am every day to make
everything fresh. We don’t use artificial
colouring or flavours and we make all
the toppings, jam, and custard from
scratch. It’s a huge process but we know
you’ll taste all the effort we put in!


Our espresso and drip coffee is
made from Transcend Coffee,
a roaster in Edmonton. We chose them
because they search the globe for
the highest quality beans, meet with
farmers face-to-face, pay them more
than fairly, then honour the hard work
of the farmers by working tirelessly
to roast the beans the best possible
way. We pride ourselves in serving
approachable and well-liked coffee and
a range of espresso drinks.


We serve a variety of teas, all
from Namasthé Tea Company.
They are based in Whistler and grow,
forage, and ethically source organic
ingredients for their carefully crafted
tea. The owner is a tea crafter and
herbalist consultant, so you can
expect flavourful tea that also
promotes health. We also like to
create new drinks as the seasons
change, like cider and lemonade!